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At Ålmarium Sours we are wild about wild flavours!    


We are very pleased to introduce the uniquely complex and exquisitely distinctive flavour that PomariumRenaissance® brings to the market. Brought to you by lesser known members of the apple family (Malus), small-sized fruits with powerful flavour.


In the world of apples, Pomarium Renaissance® stands in a class of its own.


Trees in our orchard are distantly related to the common eating apple (Malus domestica). They differ in not having been bred or selected to meet a market demand for fresh eating apples that have a tamer flavour and, thus, lower levels of acids and bitters.


Our trees also differ from those you'll find in commercial eating apple orchards because we do not grow named varieties for fresh eating. Instead, our trees begin life as seeds we collect from small-fruited, wild-flavoured apple trees. Trees and fruit in the Malus family do not come true from seed. So we wait for seedlings to grow large enough to produce fruit and then select trees to grow in our orchard by choosing fruit we judge will contribute well to Pomarium Renaissance®.


Pomarium Renaissance® is the result of over 20 years of trial and error in selecting which flavour components of which particular small-fruited and wild-flavoured seedlings work well together. We propagate those trees to grow in our orchard and harvest their fruit. The fruit goes directly from the orchard into a deep freeze to keep its profile as fresh as possible before it is pressed.


We've developed our own technique to process these fruits so we can get maximum flavour and nutritional value into without adding anything or taking anything away. The only time that the juice is heated is during the brief period of pasteurization when it is hand-packed.


Pomarium Renaissance®is a refreshing craft beverage, makes magic with other foods in the kitchen, and confidently takes its place on the dinner table. It pairs particularly well with spicy foods. Its distinctive red colour make it visually appealing on the table.


Pomarium Renaissance®is an excellent choice in situations where alcohol isn't welcome. It is not a de-alcoholized, weaker shadow of some other product. It is nothing like what you'd normally expect from juice made from apples. Pomarium Renaissance®performs solo on its own stage.

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