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Pomarium Renaissance® is a small-batch, non standard, crafted "Apple Juice with an Attitude" made by pressing small wild-flavoured fruits from trees in the apple family that grow in our orchard but began life as seeds collected from small-fruited wild apple trees. These trees were selected to be propagated (grafted) and grown in our orchard because of how well they contribute to the wild flavour and colour of Pomarium Renaissance®.

Please be advised... Because Pomarium Renaissance® is made of apples, and only of apples (even if our apples are only distantly related to the familiar domestic eating-apples!), we have been directed to call it by the Common Name "Apple Juice". However, in Canada, all “Apple Juice” is strictly regulated. "Standard Apple Juice" must meet certain criteria in order to present the public with a consistently similar and familiar product.

Pomarium Renaissance® does not fit at least three of the regulatory criteria that govern Standard Apple Juice in Canada:
1. It is higher in acids.
2. Its red colour is not any shade of the mandated amber colour associated with Standard Apple Juice.
3. Its taste is not recognizable to most people as the familiar Standard Apple Juice.

To avoid misrepresenting the product to the public, regulations further require that every time we call our product by the Common Name "Apple Juice" we must also clearly state the ways in which it does not conform to Standard Apple Juice. In essence, we are obligated to describe what this product ‘is not’ every time that we say what ‘it is’. See above.