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Pomarium Renaissance®: What's in a name?

A product new to the market that most people will not recognize as something familiar, despite the ancient relationship between people and apples...

Pomarium, in the times of Old Latin meant a fruit orchard…any kind of fruit. Many different fruits that now have different names were once all called 'apples'.

For example, "Love apple” persists today as another name for tomatoes--as does confusion about differences even among apples and what counts or should count as an apple. At Ålmarium Sours™ we grow fruits in the apple family (Malus) but these are not the fruits that most will recognize as familiar apples.

Renaissance evokes older times, before farming became industrialized. Small-fruited, wild-tasting members of the apple family are simply reconnecting with people. These are the apples familiar to our ancestors. We see into the past through the Renaissance window in our logo. We see the story of apples and people. We are drawn to the source of origin of all apples--familiar and unfamiliar--in Kazakhstan.