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Pomarium Renaissance®: Artisanal and Small-Batch:

Pomarium Renaissance® is not consistently the same from small-batch to small-batch or year to year. What is in the finished product depends on several factors...which specific selections of our small fruit we blend, the stage of maturity at which the fruit was harvested, the type of growing season, and the list goes on. Different blends of Pomarium Renaissance® may have higher or lower levels of acids, bitters, sugars and nutritional compounds that contribute to the flavour.  Colour may vary, ranging from dark orange to bright red. But in all cases, the product remains consistently recognizable as Pomarium Renaissance®.

The craft required to blend and process these fruits requires techniques we have created through trial and error over the years in order to create a “more or less” consistent product. The flavour will vary for the same reasons that wines are different from year to year. We are not dealing with a product created in a laboratory. It is nature that determines the growing conditions in a given year. Through our process of blending many different wild-flavoured small apple fruits from our orchard, we have learned to accommodate variations, aiming for a sweet and sour balance that is middle of the road and will appeal to most of our customers.

For Pomarium Renaissance®  to be absolutely the same from batch to batch and year to year would require using supplemental flavour and colour additives. Once down that road, why stop short of re-creating the flavour of Pomarium Renaissance® from scratch in a lab, using a combination of natural or artificial flavours and colours? Surely, not impossible to do. But we prefer the real thing.