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250  ml  $6.25*

750 ml  $16.00 

1 L mason jar  $19.50 (reuse jar or return to us)



250 ml jelly   $8.00   


PÂTES de FRUITS (jellied candies)

(Temporarily unavailable. Back in time for holidays) 



*HST:  250 ml of any juice is taxable because it is deemed a single serving.  Our 250 ml bottle price includes HST. Unlike other juices, our 250 ml bottle is not normally considered a single serving because Pomarium R. is much thicker/denser than regular juices. Please note that the same caveat applies to the Nutrition Facts Table (NFT) which we must also calculate per 250 ml our juice. Please adjust values on the NFT according to your own portions.

 *HST: Candies are taxable. HST is included in the price of our Pâtes de Fruits.



******ADAPTING TO COVID-19 ******

TASTING has drawn crowds at our farmers' markets. Post-COVID19, tasting is no longer possible. If you are new to Pomarium Renaissance, please contact us for special pricing on the introductory 250 ml size bottle.

ESSENTIAL WORKERS:  Please let us know to get a 15% discount.



Tips on which size to choose:


The 250 ml pretty bottle is an introductory size. Buy this to see how Pomarium Renaissance® will fit in with your life. It’s frequently gifted by friends to introduce others to Pomarium R. Tip: To maximize use, try freezing the juice in ice cube trays.


The 750 ml pretty bottle is intended either to be used at your own dinner table or gifted. See for yourself how well Pomarium R. behaves on a date when it’s dressed up in a fancy glass and served with virtually any food.


Reusable 1 L Mason jars are our response to requests for reusable packaging. If you can’t re-use them, please return rinsed/washed jars to us. No need to return the lids. The best way to use juice in 1L jars is to keep in your fridge only what you’ll drink over the next few days. Freeze the rest in smaller portions. Thaw and stir when you are ready to enjoy again. This turns a premium product into a sustainable one because you take control over when and how much to use.


Special occasion pricing for larger quantities

We make small batches. To ensure we have enough stock on hand, please contact us as soon as you have firmed up your dates and let us know the quantity you need.


To place an order or request more information 

Please send us an email:


Or DM on Instagram @almariumsours




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